Points of No Displacement

Points of No Displacement - 2003 - video installation

Points of no displacement calls attention to essential questions on language and understanding.

Is it possible to use system-based constructions to express opinions, thoughts and emotions within limited structures? The power of language. Language is a constructed orderly system only operative and including to those within the system. Like other constructed systems it will correspondingly seem excluding for the majority left on the outside.

Language as transplantation. How will other cultures with other language systems understand and transplant meaning to our language system? Translation to another language always departes with that which is not translateable, like a filter removing noise. Will a worldwide language also filtrate experiences, exploits and cultural distinctiveness? Language as an implant.

Art wark dealing with Language, Movement and Interference"

Galleri RAM, Oslo, Norway

The video works display various interferences in and on water. The installations are built upon three large cylindres created with over a thousand pages of handwritten English exercises. These thoroughly recorded exercises of English colloquial speech and conversation is executed by a person who at the age of 72 started to learn this worldembracing language.

Points of no displacement refers to a phenomenon delineated in physics' interference definition. When two waves with opposite motion hit one another, there will in the collision arise some areas without fluctuations, spots of stagnant motion, because the opposite forces neutralize one another.


What if your mother tongue always interfers with a recently acquired language? Will the new language, the implant you need in your every day life, confine your activity and range?

If conversations consist of waves of words, will the impact of their interference also become apparent in the language? And when reality interfers with the description of reality? Maybe we all have experiences with points of no exchange; Points of no displacement.

Astrid Andreasen (Galleri RAM)


Points of No Displacement - video documentation

English Exercises - pages that installation is made of