VACUUM - video - 2008




Vacuum - a non-space?

A vacuum is a condition - a metaphor for existence: incomprehensible, complicated, and contradictory. It is vaguely parallel to the existence of atoms, bacteria, human beings, the sun, the Milky Way. It is synchronized as a co-existence of light and shadows in the theatre of life.  A vacuum is (non-)space for indifference, desperation or pure solitude.  The vacuum is my zone of wonder.

We are surrounded by matter. In fact we are matter ourselves. Matter does not disappear; it transforms through processes we do not know the origin of. The Film reflects the visual manifestation of intelligent matter, the nature of nature and the nature of human beings.

Intelligent matter

Many physical phenomena and biological processes create visual patterns which may even resemble each other visually: often as complicated, symmetrical and repetitive patterns, not least in their beautiful structures.  Is the same dynamic power behind the expression of similar forms? These phenomena can be illustrated by implementing Fractal Geometry. This happens during the process of creating fractal -microorganisms, where new life forms are appearing: virtual intelligences. Fractals, however, are limited to mathematically designed beauty only, a secondary result of pure mathematics: cold, calculated, complicated. Their endless points may suddenly reproduce themselves with a click, like the spread of a virus. These falsified organisms are implanted in ’real life’, as incomprehensible as other life forms we meet in the physical world.


Nature comprises many elements. The human being has a need to find structure in this ‘natural system’. By classifying and describing using established concepts we can create ‘order’.  We erase the details, nuances and differences of the elements in order to enhance them and tame the power of nature by the invoking the universal and sameness. We do everything we can to try and understand the intelligence of the Perpetuum Mobile that we live on: everything to be able to feel that we control the material. But we are the Matter itself and in the end uncontrollable. Are we visually intelligent Matter?

Are bacteria and me two forms of the same thing?

Video has been presented at: The 809 International New Image Art Festival , Xiaoxi Tower, Yichang, China - The 5th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival , Bangkok , Phuket, Thailan - Sorlandsutstillingen 2008, ChristianssandsKunstforening, Flekkefjord Museum, Skiens Kunstforening, Norway - 5th Naoussa International Short Film and Video Festival, Naoussa, Greece AmBient Festival–video, Brescia, Italy-Video Art Festival Miden, Kalamata's Historic Centre Organisation, Kalamata, Greece.