The Secret of China Ink - 2011 - video and pictures

Alchemy of China Ink

When I examined the footage of bacterial colonies on the internet, I discovered the work of a professor of physics Eshel Ben-Jacob, as I mentioned on one of side. The way he cultivated bacteria and studied their complex patterns, have inspired me to try to work with China Ink, watercolor and Ecoline in a manner reminiscent of cultivation.

I started experimenting with China Ink and Ecoline because I observed small fractal-like effects in watercolor paintings. These effects could indicate a chemical reaction and I saw potential to enhance the fractal-like visual manifestation by experimenting with the addition of various chemical substances. Process resulted in video and pictures.

China Ink´s "urban design"

This is the pattern created by China Ink after it dried

China Ink and Ecoline experiments

The Secret of China Ink - video